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Why buy an ALROH?

Cylinder mowers cut the grass in a scissor motion (not a slashing motion, like a rotary mower), creating a clean cut to the grass.

A clean cut means less injury to the grass, so it is able to recover quickly, needing less water and fertiliser to keep it in top condition. Healthier lawn also reduces the chance for disease to get into the grass.


This evenly distributes the weight of the machine.

That helps create a thicker, lusher lawn. The weight of the machine effectively rolls the lawn as it is mowed, strengthening the roots which helps to thicken the grass and make it more lush.

By adjusting the height you can get a lower, more even but which creates a lovely glossy finish the professionals strive for on tennis courts and bowling greens.

Unlike other mowers, the Alroh mower is a true twin-clutch.

One clutch engages the rear roller which propels the machine. The other clutch engages the cutting cylinder.

The two clutches work independently of each other, allowing you to start your engine separately to the mower, and move your mower from the front to back lawn without the blades catching or being damaged.

You just walk behind the mower and guide it, leaving you free to concentrate on the small details like getting the height right for the best cut.

Made and manufactured in Australia, Alrohs have a deserved reputation as the Rolls Royce of mowers, of such high quality at Alrohs built 60 years ago are still running.

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